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SKZ – the German Plastics CentreKunststoffzentrum

Focus on customers and plastics

By Guido Deussing

SKZ Technology Centre based on Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 22 in 97076 Würzburg/Germany. (Source: SKZ)

The pros and cons of tremendous flexibility

The SKZ chemistry lab. Regardless whether by means of product testing with quality certificate or analyses and expert opinions after damage events - our Testing division supports your product policy and supplies you with valuable arguments for your key markets.. (Source: SKZ)

Important partner for the plastics industry

Look into the SKZ joining technicum. Companies in this line of industry are always well advised to press ahead with qualifying their specialists. Bottlenecks caused by new techniques and increase in production volume are to be compensated by further training. Image:SKZ

Growth and expansion at all levels

The compounding of the SKZ. Specialist conferences and courses on plastics as well as interdisciplinary topics make it possible to benefit from the recipe for success of strong companies and their experts in order to effectively integrate these practices into everyday business life. Image: SKZ

The status quo: the SKZ in 2019

In terms of R & D: From materials through production processes and component properties to the evaluation of processes and products under economic and ecological aspects. The research results of serving operational practice in favor of quality and efficiency. Image: SKZ