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Topic of the Month: June 2015

Eliminating shortages of skilled staff

Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering without A-levels via distance learning


Bring jobs and training under one roof? Distance learning can be the solution. © istockphoto

Family and job

Distance learning offers the possibility to take into account family aspects. © istockphoto


Commitment to training is evidence to employers of motivation, dedication and perseverance. Characteristics that go down well and lead to promotion opportunities, more demanding assignments and greater responsibility. © istockphoto

Road sign to success

Success through vocational and continuous training – blueprint for success. © istockphoto

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Watch out – there’s a danger of infection! But: what are we supposed to do with the rubber gloves?

Many people are convinced that they can protect themselves against SARS-CoV-2 with disposable gloves made from polymer materials and with a face mask that is polymer-coated on the inside. But what happens when the “confrontation” is over? Rubber gloves and face masks are, however, designed to be used just once, so that they land – or should land – in the garbage can.
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