Buried in a biologically degradable plastic coffin -- K Trade Fair

Topic of the Month January 2016

Buried in a biologically degradable plastic coffin

Source: istock / stellalevi

The introduction of coffins

Coffins play an important role in coping with death

Hard times for undertakers and relatives

Greater individuality and sustainability in coffin design

Functionally, the coffin is a container which is used to transport, the laying out and the burial of a corpse . But , the coffin must be made ​​of wood? Trend with future coffins made ​​of bioplastics. (Source: Onora)

From the theoretical idea to practical implementation

Made the Onora coffins were injection molded. The necessary massive injection molds for the casket shell and the coffin lid were developed in Germany and manufactured in China. (Source: Onora)

Injection moulding process offers more options

Promising prospects of market success

Marieke Havermans is satisfied with the result. Foreseeable wants Onora different coffin Models of bioplastic manufacture and market throughout Europe. (Source: Onora)

Excellent achievement