Back to school with plastic -- K Trade Fair

Topic of the Month: August 2015

Back to school with plastic

© istockphoto / Bolot
Run Lola Run

© istockphoto / VYCHEGZHANINA

Plastic school bag

© istockphoto / David Franklin


Trolli oder Ranzen?


School bags on trail. © UdS/dasbilderwerk

Light or heavy school bag?

Gute Haltung

© istockphoto / TatyanaGl

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Many people are convinced that they can protect themselves against SARS-CoV-2 with disposable gloves made from polymer materials and with a face mask that is polymer-coated on the inside. But what happens when the “confrontation” is over? Rubber gloves and face masks are, however, designed to be used just once, so that they land – or should land – in the garbage can.
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