Three new recycled polymer grades from Axion Polymers


As the market for both recycled and engineering plastics continues to expand, UK-based Axion Polymers, one of the most advanced plastics recycling facilities in Europe, offers the best of both worlds. The company has announced the launch of three new Axpoly polymer grades recycled from end-of-life automotive and WEEE resources. Development and the introduction of the new ABS, PE and PP grades came on the heels of the company’s further investment in its refinery plant to increase extrusion capacity and improve melt filtration technology.

The newest grade of post-consumer recycled ABS engineering polymer is being marketed under the name Axpoly ABS52 1000, and, according to Axion, offers significant carbon savings of 70% when compared with virgin plastics. It is said to be suitable for molding parts that require durability, longevity, strong puncture strength and good dimensional stability, such as automotive trim components like car wing mirrors and car bumpers.

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