The plastics industry launches a manifesto for the competitiveness in Europe -- K Trade Fair


The plastics industry launches a manifesto for the competitiveness in Europe

According to the associations, the plastics industry is a key economic player in the European Union accounting for a positive trade balance of EUR 18 billion. It also forms part of the top five most innovative sectors in the EU representing 1 in 25 patents being submitted by the industry between 2003 and 2012. This industry is also a strategic pillar of Europe's manufacturing sector, having a knock-on effect on other key areas of the economy. A recent study by the European House Ambrosetti analysed the potential impact of a strengthened plastics supply chain for Italy and Europe. Results show a multiplier effect of almost 2.4, i. e. 100 EUR GDP in the Italian plastics supply chain generates 238 EUR of GDP in the national economy and for every job created in the plastics sector almost three additional jobs are created in the wider economy. "The plastics industry is an important part of the solution for a circular economy and for a resource efficient Europe. We need a long term strategy for Europe's re-industrialisation that encompasses the plastics sector as a key strategic partner driving innovation and securing transition towards a resource efficient and low carbon economy.” said Patrick Thomas, President of PlasticsEurope and CEO of Bayer MaterialScience. Michael Kundel, President of EuPC and CEO of Renolit added "The European plastics industry employs more than 1.4 million people in the European Union in some 62,000 companies and creates a turnover in excess of EUR 300 billion per year. The support of European policy makers is critical to help us drive economic growth, create high quality employment opportunities, and optimise our contribution to European welfare”.