The first compostable coffee pod coming to a Keurig near you


It seems like every household and workplace these days has a Keurig coffee brewing maker. The morning staple is quick, convenient and practically has zero clean-up, however, what about those K-Cups? Once you pop, sometimes it’s just too hard to stop and these can start to make a dent in your garbage footprint. UPAC2 Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) has addressed this consumer issue with the launch of its environmentally-friendly K-Cup for the popular machine.

The patent-pending design consists of a Compo Cup cup and filter mechanism which are made from biopolymers designed to enable consumer products to meet strict product compostability standards and that are fully derived from plant-based annual resources. Cal Krupa, the company's CEO and Founder, stated that, by the end of 2015, UPAC2 will have its Compo Cup and filter mechanism tested by an independent lab to assure compliance with the ASTM 6400 standard. First-generation K-Cups currently in use are made with up to seven layers of plastic, making the cups very challenging to recycle, and impossible to compost.

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