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TRIOWORLD: PE film manufacturer announces ambitious recyclate content target

The group is increasing PCR content from 25% to 30% in "Loop" rPE (Photo: Trioworld)
Swedish polyethylene film producer Trioworld (Smålandsstenar; www.trioworld.com) has raised its target for using post-consumer recyclate (PCR) in some of its products by 2025.

The group said it was increasing its PCR content from 25% to 30% in its Loop range of recycled PE. Previously, the target of 30% included both PCR and post-industrial recyclates (PIR) but the target will now be fully achieved solely with PCR, by 2025.

Trioworlds chief procurement officer and VP sustainability Oskar Karlsson said the firm would still use PIR as its an excellent way to re-use industrial waste. He added, But it is when we recycle plastic that has already served its original purpose that we really contribute to the societys circularity.

The company is certifying its PCR products using the RecyClass certification scheme, which certifies the use of recycled materials and PCR separately in individual products.

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