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TPE for sensory sensitive applications

Specialty compounds and formulations of PolymaxTPE sensory-sensitive materials can be used to manage permeation of carbon dioxide, water vapour, and oxygen, in addition to improving sealing properties in applications such as screw cap liners and engineered wine closures. Furthermore, these materials can be used in tubing for the delivery of dairy products, commercial food packaging, and bag-in-box wine. The grades meet most food and beverage contact standards of the FDA, EU and GB, says Polymax. "The development of TPE for sensory-sensitive applications was extremely challenging,” said PolymaxTPE Chairman Dr. Martin Lu. "It required extensive polymer science and compounding expertise, customized manufacturing equipment, and close teamwork with our customers.” PolymaxTPE is a sister company of Nantong Polymax, one of the leading TPE manufacturers in China. The company's products are marketed under the Polymax TPE and Maxelast brands. Founded and led by American entrepreneur, Dr. Martin Lu, the company has a full-service facility near Chicago. The facility in Waukegan, IL, USA, was engineered to produce the company's current range of more than 500 grades of TPEs, as well as the next-generation of TPEs such as its sensory-sensitive range.Polymax at NPE2015
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