TPE SIG and Akron section are joining together to present TPE TopCon 2014 in Akron - Update -- K Trade Fair


TPE SIG and Akron section are joining together to present TPE TopCon 2014 in Akron - Update

The TPE SIG and the Akron Section of SPE invite to TPE TopCon 2014. The 11th Thermoplastic Elastomers Topical Conference 2014 will have the motto "Building New Bonds” - Expanding Markets, Materials & Applications. Co-chairs of the conference are Mark Berard, William Blasius, and Viv Malpass. Programme: Wednesday Morning (New)
In memoriam: Laurent Millier
Krishna VenkataswamyEnergy Management in Thermoplastic Elastomers
Liang Xu, Laurent Millier, Krishna VenkataswamyPolyOne / GLS 
Session 1: Marketing Global TPEs: New Technology, Regional Market Shifts and Commoditization
Robert Eller
Robert Eller Associates LLC How'd They Do It? How Leading TPE Suppliers Grew Their Businesses and What You Can Learn From Them
Martin Pottle
Martin Thomas Session 2: Design Design Considerations for Multimaterial Molding of Thermoplastic Elastomers
Chris Alibozek
GW Plastics Next Generation Experimentation and Optimization Software Strategies
Nina Visconti
Quantisweb State of the Art in Virtual Prototyping for Extruded and Co-Extruded Parts
Hossam Metwally
Ansys Inc. Session 3: Structural Applications Fire Resistant Shakes and Siding
Tom Kennedy
Chemical Innovative Solutions TPEs in Building, Environmental Technical Textile Applications
Steve Seiner
Cooley Wednesday Afternoon Session 4: Additive Technologies Use of Pyrolysis GC-MS for the Optimisation of Stabilisers in SEBS-compounds
Dagmar Koppler
Allod Use of CDI Stabilizers in TPEs
Don Stengel
Rhein Chemie Esters Plasticizers for Thermoplastic Elastomers Performance Enhancement
Stephen Rourke
Hallstar Solid Phase Grafting-The Way to High Performance Modified Polymers
Dan Berg
BYK Chemie Tailoring Dispersant Chemistries to Maximize Properties of Specific Filler-Elastomer Combinations
Bill Dougherty
Total New Development of Montmorillonite Nanoclay and Use as Additives in Plastics
Tie Lan
Nanocor Reactive Extrusion: Opportunity for Improved Performance Products and Manufacturing Productivity
Paul Andersen
Coperion Session 4: Additive Technologies (cont.) A New Low Viscosity, Elastic SEBS Block Copolymer for Compounding and Elastic Fabric Applications
John Flood
Kraton Polymers Thursday Morning Session 5: Eco Elastomers Eco-flex RTPV Recycled Rubber Based Thermoplastic Elastomer - An Unusual Opportunity to Cut Cost
Edgar Gonzalez
Synesis Biodegradable Elastomeric Compounds
Stan Dudek
CD PolyTek Production of TPE Sheets from Devulcanized EPDM Rubber and Polypropylene Blends on a Twin Screw Extruder
Prashant Mutyala
University of Waterloo Session 6: TPE Advances Elastomeric Cyclic Olefin Copolymers
Paul Tatarka
Topas Modified PEBA for Direct Adhesion to EFEP
Sabine Fleming
Evonik High Modulus Thermoplastic Polyurethanes: Properties and Processing Characteristics
Bruce Lawrey
Bayer Thursday Afternoon Session 6: TPE Advances (cont.) Clearly Flexible Olefin - Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE-O)
Juan Tuberquia
Dow Thermoplastic Polyurethane Solutions for Antistatic Applications
Mark Kujawski
BASF Corp. Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers with Shape Memory Effect
Liang Xu PolyOne / GLS TPU Compounds with Thermoplastics
Mihai Manitiu
BASF Corp. Conceptual Review of Zythane TPU Technology
Roger Huarng
Alliance Polymers Heat Aging Performance and Chemical Resistance of New Low Density and Low Hardness Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomers (TPC-ETs)
Mukul Kaushik
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