THAILAND: Bueng Kan signs MOU with China on rubber price -- K Trade Fair


THAILAND: Bueng Kan signs MOU with China on rubber price

The governor of Bueng Kan Pongsak Preechawit has welcomed a group of delegates from Qing Dao, China, on their official visit to Bueng Kan to observe the rubber plantation and rubber processing, to seek economic cooperation in terms of trade, investment, and tourism, and to prepare the establishment of the sister cities agreement of Bueng Kan province and Shibei District. The group of delegates from Qing Dao comprises of the President of the Thai-Chinese Council Pinit Charusombat, Mr Xue Zujun, Chairman of the Standing Commitee of Shibei District People's Congress of Qingdao, and the CEO of Rubber Valley Co., Ltd Zhang Yan. Both sides have signed the MOU on the cooperation between the Bueng Kan Provincial Administrative Organisation, represented by the Chief Executive Niphon Khonkayan, and the Shibei District of Qing Dao to further develop the relations and encourage the cooperation in economic, scientific, educational, cultural, health, sports, and tourism aspects. Bueng Kan province has encouraged the development of agriculture and the agricultural processing industry, and has positioned itself as the center of rubber produce in the north-eastern part of Thailand, as rubber farming is most concentrated in that region. Source: NNT (National News Bureau of Thailand), Bangkok; 27 Dec 2014
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)