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Synergy for sustainability in wood coating

The new proposals are said to enhance the production process sustainability and the final products' life-cycle by an improved application duration. The performances of the new paints for wood coating result to be equal or better compared to those of traditional products, according to the companies. The cooperation among Sapici, Liberty Chemicals and Galactic has been defined to provide measurable contributions to the reduction of the solvents' emissions that occur during the use of traditional products, specifically for coating applications. Furthermore, it goes in the direction of simplifying the industry's compliance to the increasingly more strict international regulations for the use of solvents. The synergy has allowed to leverage the three companies' respective competencies and experience to develop and characterise high-range polyurethane coating for wood surfaces treatment. The cooperation originated when Sapici - a developer and manufacturer of waterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) - committed to develop a new coalescent-free product line for coating with features and performances comparable to traditional products. Sapici contacted Liberty Chemicals, a company with extensive experience and recognised capabilities in the development of innovative solutions including solvents based on molecules of natural origin coming from carbohydrates fermentation processes. The on-going relations between Liberty Chemicals and Galactic, a Belgian company active in the development and production of lactic acid derivatives through fermentation, added to the project complementary competencies. The starting point was the coalescent-free PUD resin Sapici Bluepur 2937; the challenge was to identify - for the formulation of the final product that is used by the applicators - a sustainable and non-glycolic coalescent originated from biological and renewable sources able to combine environmental aspects with high technical properties, characteristics and durability for the final paint. Liberty Chemicals has proved to be an ideal partner thanks the results achieved over the years in the development of solvents and solvent-blends from carbohydrates fermentation, specialities already used in various industrial fields such as the AstroBio NS. The participation in the project of Galactic has allowed including in these mixtures the lactic-acid esters of the Galaster series that enable an effective filming effect for water-based products, specifically with the Galaster EHL 95. According to the three companies, the R&D cooperation has allowed achieving outstanding results even at low concentrations of green-coalescent, offering relevant benefits in particular to the do-it-yourself applications by roller or brush. The high efficiency of these products has allowed reaching finishing values of 90 gloss, underlying the good coalescing power of the formulations. A further element of sustainability is in the lower consumption of raw materials.The new formulations are available to the customers of the three companies.