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Swiss medtech company designs wearables that don't wear out their welcome


Last month, PlasticsToday reported on the winner of the $525,000 Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE Grand Prize: a portable in vitro diagnostic device that can run hundreds of clinical lab tests on a single drop of blood developed by DNA Medicine Institute (Cambridge, MA). The panel of jurors also presented $120,000 Distinguished Award prizes to five runners-up with (almost) equally innovative technologies. One of them was Switzerland-based Biovotion (Zürich), which was recognized for its clinical-grade physiological multisensor platform, remarkably simple user interface, and application versatility. CEO Andreas Caduff shared some thoughts on wearable health technology with PlasticsToday.

Described as a "hospital on the arm," Biovotion's vital signs monitoring system pairs a comfortable, user-friendly wearable device with cloud-based services and applications. Its sensing technology provides continuous, noninvasive monitoring of patients with chronic conditions and can be the foundation for next-generation homecare products. Key attributes include ease of use—there are no buttons to push or calibration procedures to perform—and, equally important, user comfort. As a recent report from PwC noted, 33% of surveyed consumers who purchased a wearable device more than one year ago say they no longer use it or use it infrequently. The reasons so many consumers abandon these products typically involve comfort and ease of use, two issues that have Biovotion's undivided attention.

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