Surging demand for Molecor PVC-O and large-diameter pipe -- K Trade Fair

Surging demand for Molecor PVC-O and large-diameter pipe


The market for PVC-O pipe has seen huge growth numbers over the last eight years, according to estimates provided by Molecor (Madrid). Also growing is demand for increasingly larger pipe diameters. Molecor has seen tremendous growth in molecularly oriented PVC pipe, which was developed as an improvement to conventional PVC pipe.

PVC-O has been around since the 1980s, but the technology has evolved since that time, which has created demand worldwide. Installed PVC-O in North America in 2006 was estimated to be around 9000 tonnes annually. In Europe, installed PVC-O was approximately 14,000 tonnes annually. Total installed capacity worldwide is estimated at 38,000 tonnes per year.

Evolving properties over the last 25 years, the period during which PVC-O pipe came onto the market, have helped boost the 2006 figures by almost 100,000 tonnes/year. The estimated global installed capacity in North America for 2014 is 21,000 tonnes/year. In Europe, production capacity for PVC-O pipe has increased 242.8% in 2014 to 34,000 tonnes/year, of which 17,000 tonnes/year were produced by Molecor, with another 14,000 tonnes/year supplied by its licensees, according to the company.

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