Stormtroopers deliver 3D-printed "Star Wars" prosthetic arm to 7-year-old boy


We know about Greeks, but should you beware of Stormtroopers bearing gifts? Not if you're a young man who was born without part of his left arm. Seven-year-old Augusta resident Liam Porter got the surprise of his young life on Saturday, Jan. 10, when the Augusta, GA, chapter of the 501st Legion, aka Darth Vader's Fist, presented him with a 3D-printed Star Wars–inspired arm. Unlike their cinematic counterparts, these Stormtroopers are in the business of doing good. Check out the video below to share in a moment of sheer joy.

The 3D-printed arm was created by John Peterson, also from Augusta. With help from E-nable, an online community that provides free plans and technical assistance to tinkerers of all stripes who want to print prosthetic fingers, hands, and arms for children in need, he was linked up with Liam's family and began designing and printing the prosthetic.

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