Starlinger: Decontamination of PET and HDPE -- K Trade Fair


Starlinger: Decontamination of PET and HDPE

Starlinger viscotec will showcase the deCON 20 decontamination dryer at Plast 2015 in Milan. The dryer processes flakes and recycled pellets from PET and HDPE for use in food grade packaging. According to starlinger the deCON 20 is able to process input material in different forms - e.g. pellets, flakes and skeleton waste - simultaneously. The process is compliant with the relevant FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) standards, so the material can be used directly for the production of food grade packaging.

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Plast 2015, 5.-9. May 2015, Milan, Italy, Hall 15, Stand C6

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