Specta Group acquires PET-bottle recycler in St Petersburg

Specta has acquired the assets of a large PET-bottle recycler in St Petersburg region. The factory has modern technology of Italian origin.

The factory processes the PET-bottles into PET-flakes, which Specta further uses as a raw material in the production of PET-packing strap in its factory in Kostroma.

Specta is one of the largest PET-packing strap producers in Europe. Its main markets are Scandinavia, Central Europe, Middle East and CIS countries.

"We need about 200 million bottles annually to secure our raw material for the production of 10.000 mt of packing strap. The acquisition is an important step to secure the raw material, to improve the control of the quality, to raise efficiency and to increase the capacity. For our clients this means our ability to offer a very competitive and consistently high quality product”, says Erik Helin, CEO of Specta Group.

"While the news from Russia at present are not positive, this is a great time for long term investor to acquire assets and capture good business opportunities. The investment highlights our strategic commitment to the sustainable development, environment protection, and being one of the largest producers of PET-packing strap producers in Europe with full value chain”, highlights Erik Helin.

About the Specta Group
Specta is a Group of Companies specializing in transport packing of industrial products. The company has 21 years experience in packaging market. It is a producer of high quality steel and PET strap and has over 2.000 global customers in different industries. The strap production strictly follows international standards and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Specta has offices in Germany, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

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