Skinnygrape wine brand embraces PET -- K Trade Fair

Skinnygrape wine brand embraces PET


Another alcohol brand has looked beyond glass to offer a new line in PET packaging. Andrew Peller Limited has introduced skinnygrape spritzers in a 330ml barrier PET bottle from Amcor Rigid Plastics. The beverage was previously only available as a low-calorie wine in a 750ml glass bottle.

The custom PET container differentiates skinnygrape from other products in this highly competitive RTD category, according to Sarah Ripley, national brand manager for Andrew Peller Limited. "The slender bottle is extremely comfortable to hold," Ripley said. "Our consumers are mostly women and this bottle sits comfortably in their hand." Andrew Peller Limited moved to a single-serve size for the low-calorie spritzer based on an unmet demand for a wine-based low-calorie option in the RTD category. "We think the packaging is really fun and speaks to what our brand represents; and we believe our product offers consumers low calories without compromising on taste," Ripley said. "From a consumer perspective, it boils down to brand, packaging and taste."

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