Sekisui Plastics invests in Ohio foam molding plant -- K Trade Fair

Sekisui Plastics invests in Ohio foam molding plant


Citing increased customer demand for its molded foam products in the Midwest, Sekisui Plastics USA, Inc. (SPUS; Mount Pleasant, TN) has selected Kenton, Ohio as the location for a new $5.2 million manufacturing facility.

Scheduled to come online in July, 2015, the plant will initially produce foam products molded mainly from Piocelan hybrid moldable foam resin for use in automotive parts, baby seat core parts, and other industrial markets such as protective packaging.

Piocelan beads are comprised of a blend of polyolefin and polystyrene. They reportedly display the favorable characteristics of expanded polystyrene (EPS), such as stiffness and low density foaming, as well as good shock resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance that were "previously regarded as weak points of EPS." Piocelan foam can be used to mold parts with densities ranging from 25-100 kg/m3 and compression strengths (10%) of 160-720 kPa.

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