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See the most-read plastic packaging stories of 2014


One thing is crystal clear when reviewing the most-read stories in the PlasticsToday Packaging Channel: new technology dominates. The most-read story [Slippery coating inside plastic packaging enables viscous liquids to slide easily] highlighted how a new technology seeks to change the way liquids move within packaging. LiquiGlide is a company that makes slippery coatings for plastic surfaces that enable viscous liquids to easily slide. The technology is targeting plastic containers for sticky consumer packaged goods such as ketchup and mayo to lotion and even glue. "We really believe that this will revolutionize the liquid packaging industry," Carsten Boers, president of LiquiGlide, told PlasticsToday. "We are looking for partners, be it on the supplier side or on the client side, to work with us directly. We hope that once the product hits the market, consumers will start to expect it as the standard for packaging."
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