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Sapici announces two new R&D projects

Funding comes from Italian community financing, a new source for funding R&D. Projects are compared by a team of experts and chosen based on particular characteristics. Sapici says it has been able to address the key objectives proposed by the Italian Minister and the European Community, offering original and innovative solutions and cooperating in partnerships of excellence. The projects cover the entire supply chain, starting with raw materials, through processing, up to the end user product. The first of the two projects is part of the cluster "Intelligent Factory” and involves 30 Italian partners: twelve large enterprises, 13 SMEs, one consortium, four universities/public research facilities. Sapici is part of the subgroup "sustainable products and production technologies for the industry of prepolymers”. The goal is to offer new isocyanates with a free monomer content of <0,1 % that are based on 40 % of renewable raw material sources. Sapici says it intends to explore new possibilities offered by raw materials from renewable sources. Nowadays formulators are facing challenges when combining petrochemical building blocks that have well-known properties with new components from renewable sources. The second project is the production of a new water-based polyurethane dispersion made from ECOpolyols that contain more than 95 % renewable sources, derived from sub-products of bio-refineries. These paints are produced to meet current legislation on emissions of volatile organic compounds and therefore will have significant impact on end users, says the company. The resulting paint can be used with existing application systems, which reduces the use of solvents in the cleaning phase; it will also have good aesthetic properties, such as high brilliance, and outstanding performance characteristics. Established in 1936, Sapici is a developer and manufacturer of polyurethane products for such applications as coatings, flexible packaging, industrial adhesives, prepolymers, inks, and more. Sapici combines its product offering with services to its customers worldwide including continued technical assistance, research and development, and industrialisation. Over 160 employees located in the company's commercial offices and in the three production sites in Italy and China serve their customers.