SPI launches 2014 safety program


SPI has launched its 2014 Safety Statistics and Awards (SSA) Program and asks the entire plastics industry to contribute their information to help SPI better understand the state of safety in the plastics industry while being recognized for achieving a level of safety performance above the industry average.

"The SSA program is how SPI tracks and analyzes data on worker safety in the plastics industry. The more facilities and companies that participate, the more clearly we can recognize outstanding safety records and better educate policymakers and the public about the plastics industry's sterling record of making employee safety a priority," said SPI president and CEO William Carteaux. "What makes the plastics industry so strong and such a vital part of the global economy is its people, the ones who put in the hours to manufacture the products and materials that help make plastic the material of choice for industries across the board. The SSA program helps SPI tell their story, and acknowledge the facilities that go the distance to protect the plastics industry's most precious resource: its work force."

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