SPE moldmaking and design division gets new name -- K Trade Fair

SPE moldmaking and design division gets new name


We've seen a lot of change in the moldmaking and mold design industries over the past few decades. That change has sparked a name change for the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE; Bethel, CT) Mold Making and Mold Design Division, which has recently been approved by the national SPE. The new name is the Mold Technologies Division.

"When originally formed, it was a division for moldmakers and mold designers, but over that period of time the industry has developed and changed to include much more than that," commented Glenn Starkey, Chair of the SPE Mold Technologies Division and President of Progressive Components (Wauconda, IL). "Today, our industry has grown to include a high number of hot runner support personnel, mold maintenance repair technicians, mold buyers at OEMs, 3D printing and additive manufacturing personnel, and other specialty products and services that encompass mold manufacturing."

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