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RubberTech China 2014 & Reifen China 2014

[image_0]Three other events, the Rubber & Elastomer Expo 2014, RubberTech Forum 2014 and Information Release, were held at the same time. The exhibition area of RubberTech China and Reifen China 2014 together hit the highest level ever with 45,000 square meters. Over 650 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions attended the exhibitions, and more than 20,000 visitors from 81 countries participated. The percentage of visitors from overseas increased to 18.36% compared to 14.24% in 2013, indicating that RubberTech China and Reifen China are becoming more influential overseas.[image_1_right] RubberTech China and Reifen China cover among others the following areas: rubber machinery, testing equipment, raw materials, rubber chemicals, framework materials, tires, hubs, tire accessories, tire retreading equipment, and non-tire rubber products. Topics on how to accelerate the intellectualization of manufacturing processes and the utilization of environmentally friendly raw materials were highlighted at the event. In 2014 the industrial trend focused on the transformation and advancement of the tire industry, as well as the development and integration of high-end intelligent manufacturing technology. China's rubber industry, including the upstream and downstream industries, is in terms of manufacturing technology, high-tech research and development, new equipment applications, environment friendly new materials and new product development competitive with the rest of the world.[image_2] At the RubberTech Forum 2014 experts from renowned national and international enterprises were invited to give keynote presentations and attracted a large audience. The event Information Release grew from two sessions in 2013 to nine sessions, thus indicating an increasing desire of the exhibitors to promote their innovative products by means of this platform. During the exhibition China United Rubber Corporation (CURC) and TechnoBiz Communications Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in which both sides agreed to jointly organize the Global Rubber, Latex & Tire Expo (GRTE) in Bangkok, Thailand in 2016. This is another step by CURC to become more global after organizing RubberTech Europe and RubberTech India. With continuing its principle of brand and business promotion, GRTE will be an important meeting point for the global rubber and tire industry of the Southeast Asian market. The 15th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology (RubberTech 2015) and the 9th Asian Essen Tire Show (Reifen China 2015) will be held again in Shanghai from 11 - 13 November 2015 at the New International Expo Center. For more information visit the official websites at and