Repsol extends phthalate-free PP range to block copolymers -- K Trade Fair


Repsol extends phthalate-free PP range to block copolymers

[image_0]The company has made important strides in the development of this technology, since in 2006 research into alternative recipes for manufacture using phthalate-free catalysts began in its pilot plant in Tarragona, to offer the market a full range of polypropylene products meeting the requirements of all the applications and market segments. As a result of collaboration with leading customers in the "personal care” sector, in 2009 Repsol began the regular commercialization of phthalate-free homopolymer grades for the non-woven hygiene sector. This offer was subsequently enhanced in 2012 when Repsol began regular manufacture of random copolymers with phthalate-free catalysts for injection and high-transparency blow moulding applications, as well as for film applications. After carrying out this work and supported by the experience acquired in commercializing phthalate-free homopolymers and random PP copolymers, Repsol now extends its offer to include block copolymers for all segments of injection applications (buckets, cases, household items, packaging for foodstuffs and technical parts, among others), as well as for the extrusion sectors (film and sheet, among others).With this new advance, as with the market launch of its non-phthalate homopolymer grades and random copolymers, Repsol strengthens its product portfolio and increases its possibilities of providing its customers with greater value by relying on product differentiation and specialities in order to meet once again the growing needs of its end markets.