Remember when high schools taught about plastics?


While cleaning out a box of old clippings and meeting notices saved by a member of the Arizona section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) over a number of years, I came across an article that appeared in the Daily Progress dated Monday, April 28, 1975, titled "AHS installs plastic molder." The photo that accompanied the article, which you see here, showed Pixley Richards West employee Byron Bower setting up an injection molding machine in the industrial arts department of Arcadia High School under the watchful eye of the teacher of the class, Walter Tamasauckas.

The machine, which appears to be a small-tonnage press of some type, was donated by a California plastics firm two years prior. The article doesn't mention the name of the firm that donated the machine nor why it sat idle for two years until it was set up for operation with the help of SPE and Pixley Richards West, a custom injection molder in Tempe, AZ.

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