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Reason Foundation says plastic bag ban hurts California's economy


California's plastic bag ban has everyone on both sides of the fence defending their positions. Reason Foundation, a non-partisan public policy research organization and publisher of Reason magazine, just completed a study on California's new ban on plastic bags.

The study revealed some things that we in the plastics industry already know, but support of the Reason Foundation is welcomed.

According to Reason Foundation, opponents' claims that a ban on plastic bags will benefit the environment just "don't stand up to scrutiny." Instead, said the commentary by Lance Christensen, director of the pension reform project at Reason Foundation: "the ban is likely to do more harm than good both to the environment and to people's pocketbooks."

Christensen noted that "lightweight plastic bags constitute less than 1 percent of all visible litter, represent only 0.4 percent of all municipal solid waste and are not a major cause of blocked storm drains." The conclusion drawn by Reason Foundation's study is that the ban will have practically no impact on the amount of litter generated. "In fact, when plastic bags were banned in San Francisco, the country's own studies showed that litter actually increased," wrote Christensen.

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