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RTM machines offer research institute utmost flexibility


The Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) in Dresden, Germany recently commissioned two high-pressure resin transfer molding (HD-RTM) dosing units from Frimo (Lotte, Germany) that feature enhanced flexibility to carry out a variety of processing tasks. Respectively, the two new units allow epoxides and polyurethane resins to be processed in combination with endless-filament reinforcement into high-performance fiber composite components.

To allow for the widest possible range of component sizes and tests, the machine output ranges were designed to be wide. The first dosing machine is configured for a range of 33-166 g/s with epoxide matrix material and the second unit for a range of 10-65 g/s with polyurethane matrix material. By consistently separating the two matrix material families, the risk of interactions during material changes is minimized. The dosing machine for the PUR matrix material can also be used for S-RIM applications.

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