Purging compounds supplier Sun Plastech buys competitor Novachem -- K Trade Fair

Purging compounds supplier Sun Plastech buys competitor Novachem


The purging compounds universe just got a little cozier. Sun Plastech Inc. (Parsippany, NJ), a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Corp. that manufactures and distributes Asaclean mechanical purging compounds, has announced the acquisition of competitor Novachem (Bridgeport, CT). Novachem manufactures and distributes the SuperNova and Novapurge chemical purging lines as well as the mechanical InstaPurge line. The acquisition brings under one roof the "number one brand in chemical purging with the number one brand in mechanical purging," Joseph Serell, Vice President, Sun Plastech, told PlasticsToday. Customers will be among the beneficiaries, he promises.

Prior to this acquisition, Sun Plastech offered only mechanical purging technology, and its website understandably offers a number of reasons why this is the preferred option. That was a commercial imperative, and Serell stresses that the company has always been upfront in its conversations with customers about the advantages of each technology. "In extrusion applications, for example, it's difficult to build up the type of pressure and agitation that you can in injection molders, and that's often a case where chemical purging may be preferred," he told PlasticsToday. "What better way to recognize this [reality] than by adding Novachem's line of chemical purging compounds to our product portfolio?"

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