Proposed bio-based, degradable polyurethane foam wins BASF competition


To commemorate its 150 year anniversary, BASF (Florham Park, NJ) hosted a science competition at its headquarters in New Jersey. The objective for the competition was to solve the following challenge: What chemistries can be used to create lightweight solutions with improved end of life management? Taking home first place were students from the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department at the University of Minnesota. The winning technology was based on the introduction of a sugar-based Mevalonate (MVL) monomer and its polyesterol (PMVL) made by solvent free polymerization that would ultimately transform the polyurethane industry.

“This novel idea, presented by the students from the University of Minnesota, clearly illustrated how this new technology could potentially replace traditional petroleum-based polyols,” said Elvira Stesikova, Ph.D., BASF Project Manager.

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