PolyOne collaborates on revolutionary LED assembly -- K Trade Fair

PolyOne collaborates on revolutionary LED assembly


At the Fakuma 2014 trade show in Friedrichshafen, among the exhibits at the PolyOne booth was an innovative application of the company's Therma-Tech thermal management compound that looks set to take over the world of three-dimensional molded interconnect devices. In collaboration with the German companies LPKF, specialized in micro-material processing with laser structuring, and plasma treatment and coating expert Plasma Innovations GmbH, PolyOne was showing a novel process for manufacturing LED functional heat sink printed circuit board assemblies based on molded interconnect device technology.

Three-dimensional molded interconnect devices (3D-MIDs) integrate structured conductive circuit tracks on an injection molded plastic part. 3D-MIDs enable the integration of mechanical, electronic, optical and thermal functionality into injection-molded components. Offering new possibilities in design freedom, they have become ubiquitous in virtually every sector of electronics.

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