Plenty of potential for recycling -- K Trade Fair

Plenty of potential for recycling

1. Roughly 125,000 tonnes of PVC wastes, including window profiles, are recycled each year in Europe. The regenerated material can be used without difficulty for the production of articles for the construction sector such as profiles and pipes. Image: Rewindo

The main fractions are polyolefins

2 .Trenntechnik Ulm GmbH has installed a line specifically for the chemical separation of PA/PE composite films in Memmingen. Using this method and a suitable solvent, it will be possible to recover other raw materials as well. Image: Trenntechnik Ulm

PET recycling established but with room for expansion

3. For many products, such as bin liners, it has already become commonplace today to use recyclate. This makes good economic and ecological sense. Image: Polifilm

PVC recycling achieves high utilisation rates

Composites are often unsuitable for recycling

4 Injection mouldings producer Gies GmbH & Co. Kunststoffwerk KG in Niederaula produces coloured shopping baskets using nothing but PP regranulate from DSD Resource GmbH in Cologne. What makes this regranulate special is its reproducibility and amenability to colouration. Image: DSD


5 For the extrusion blow-moulded dishwashing detergent bottle made of polyethylene, Ecover Belgium N.V., manufacturer of ecological cleaning agents, uses plastic wastes gathered by fisherman from the sea. Image: Ecover