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Pleasant grips for pens and pencils

Excellent adhesion to PP and other thermoplastic materials such as PC/ABS and the fast and easy two-component injection moulding manufacturing process make the thermoplastic elastomer ideal for this application. The material can easily be coloured and offers virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of design and functionality.Thermolast K compounds are suitable for all conventional manufacturing processes and are certified for food contact. In addition to their very good adhesion properties they feature very good sealing and non-slip properties, temperature stability and weather resistance.Stabilo has been manufacturing pens and pencils since 1865. The company history is characterised by a series of innovations. One example is the first indelible pencil to write in colour, introduced in 1875. Another landmark was the introduction of the Stabilo Boss highlighter in 1971. To the present day, this part is the world's best-selling highlighter.