PlasticsEurope: European Plastics Industry continues its positive trend in 2014

The European plastics production continues its positive trend (+1.5%) in 2014 as a continuation of its recovery since 2013. The European plastics producers benefited from the recovery of its customers industries such as automotive sector, electrical appliances and construction; gaining momentum in the second half of 2014. Still, the European plastics production remains far from pre-crisis levels. This positive growth is expected to continue (+1%) in 2015.

"The plastics industry is a key contributor to the reindustrialization of Europe due to its knock-on effect on other key areas of the economy. This industry has a multiplier effect of almost 2,4 in the wider economy i.e. 100 EUR GDP in the Italian plastics supply chain generates 238 EUR of GDP in the national economy and for every job created in the plastics sector almost 3 additional jobs are created in the wider economy”, said Karl- H. Foerster, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope. "Access to competitive energy and raw materials, support for innovation and training, investment in innovation as well as a consistent and complementary regulation will create the right conditions for our industry to continue to make a meaningful contribution to European economy and society at large”, expressed Mr Foerster.

PlasticsEurope presented its most recent economic data for the plastics industry at a round table on 22 January in Brussels, showing the overall trends for 2014 and 2015 of the European plastics industry.

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