Plastic unwraps new opportunities in packaging


The plastics industry is clearly energized by the promise of material replacement in packaging. Plastics continue to make the leap into other market segments within packaging that were typically dominated by glass, aluminum, or paper.

Innovation in plastic packaging has brought plastics into these new areas. In fact, Michelle Lamontagne, marketing development specialist at FLEXcon, a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products, believes that's a large part of the concept of flexible packaging.

"It's really meant to replace the traditional aluminum can and glass containers - it's intended to replace those traditional materials that are used," Lamontagne told PlasticsToday. "In terms of transit, it's lighter to ship than glass and it's certainly more durable in terms of not breaking and endangering the product's end use. Really, there's a whole series of benefits of plastic as opposed to glass or aluminum."

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