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Plastic packaging trends to watch for in 2015


here's always a lot of excitement on the horizon for plastic packaging. And for good reason, the market continues to drive innovation in the packaging market as a whole. Innovation is the trend that never stops for packaging. With that in mind, here are some other trends to pay attention to in 2015 for the packaging sector.

Crude oil prices

It all boils down to cost, right? And the falling oil prices is quite a story for the global economy. It is generating concern for oil companies, while at the same time, consumers are proudly posting pictures of the low cost of gas to fill up their cars. But how will the lower oil prices impact plastic packaging?

"While falling oil prices have created mayhem for industries like energy, the plastic packaging industry is well positioned to capitalize on the situation," according to Zacks Investment Research. "Falling oil prices will not only provide a cost tailwind but will also boost demand due to the increasing disposable income at the customer level."

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