Plastic packaging gaining momentum in Mexico -- K Trade Fair

Plastic packaging gaining momentum in Mexico


Of the three North American countries, Mexico is forecast to have 
the highest percentage of growth in both the short- and mid-term for the packaging market. In fact, Smithers Pira estimates that Mexico is expected to gain on average 3.1% per annum over the next four years to 2017.

There has been an increased demand for plastics in Mexico, with the sec
tor gaining the second largest share of the packaging industry in the country, behind paper and board. The plastic packaging sector rose from a 25.1% market share in 2010 to 27.7% in 2012. This growth has mainly been driven by use in food and beverage products. Specific food areas such as drinking yogurt and other dairy products packaged in HDPE will help drive growth for plastics in Mexico. The material is also increasingly used in the health and beauty and household care industries.

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