Perstorp gains competitive edge in PVC plasticizer market with new Oxo Alcohol plant


There was ribbon cutting. A large red button was pushed. And with that, Perstorp’s new state-of-the-art oxo alcohol plant at Stenungsund in Sweden—all 3200 valves, 250 kilometers of cabling, 6 kilometers of stainless steel pipe, 22 kilometers of carbon steel pipe and 40 heat exchangers of it—was symbolically taken into operation.

With the official opening of its new production platform on 19 May 2015, Perstorp became one of only two fully integrated suppliers of plasticizers in Europe. The new plant represents a major extension of Perstorp’s capacity to produce PVC plasticizers and key chemical intermediates. The company spent a massive one billion Swedish kroner on the project—a project that, according to Perstorp CEO Jan Secher, “came in ahead of time and under budget.” He added: “That’s not something you see very often with this kind of project in the chemical industry. Or anywhere else, for that matter.”

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