Perstorp boosts activities in bioplastics -- K Trade Fair

Perstorp boosts activities in bioplastics


Perstorp, a specialty chemical company headquartered in Malmö, Sweden and the world leader in the manufacture of ε-polycaprolactones (PCL) - marketed under the Capa brand, is increasing its activities in bioplastics. Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable plastic produced on the basis of petroleum. Highly miscible, it blends easily with other plastics, melts easily and is non-toxic. Biopolymers with Capa added are "a winning formula," says the company, due to its good mechanical properties, biodegradability and compatibility across a wide range of polymers. Importantly, Capa improves the functional properties, especially toughness and flexibility, of bioplastics such as PLA, PHA and starch, enabling these to be competitive in film and packaging applications. Its compostability offers end-of-life advantages in packaging, bags and film applications.

Perstorp has a track record of investing in sustainability and spends more than 85% of its R&D resources on finding environmentally sound solutions. The company considers bioplastics are one of its focus areas, and "an important part of our vision of a more sustainable future."

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