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PLASTIC FANTASTIC: Swimming the Garbage Patch Redux?

Benoît Lecomte, architect and adventure swimmer (Photo: Lecomte)
There are special commemoration or activist, if you will calendars for those who celebrate holidays as they fall. If youd looked at one on 8 June, youd have seen it was World Ocean Day. But even without a calendar you couldnt miss it. What was the topic of the day? Marine litter, of course. With all the cleanup projects hitting the headlines, its hard imagine there is anyone still unaware of the problem.

Conspicuously absent on 8 June this year was news of French-American architect Benoît Lecomte, who last year donned a wetsuit and left Japans shores bound for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As it now emerges, he quietly got out of the water a day later, but the now 51-year-old made a splash in the US press a few weeks ago with plans to try again on the ocean holiday.

So where is Lecomte now? Even his Facebook promotion page hasn't been updated in a year. Have the problems dogging Dutchman Boyan Slats Ocean Cleanup project got him down, or is afraid hell swim afoul that devices plastic boom if it starts retaining what it scoops up?

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