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PLASTIC FANTASTIC: The bee's knees?

Putting the bees to work (Photo: Panthermedia/rtbilder)
The latest fad in the plastic-free scene is beeswax food wraps. Anti-plastic activists use the material as an alternative to aluminium foil and plastic films for wrapping up bread and fresh food as well as containers and whole lunches. The wax wraps are effective for around two years at most, after which the wax could start showing up in the food. DIY wraps can be made with mixtures of beeswax and jojoba oil, which contain various fatty acid esters, carboxylic acids, long-chained alcohols, ketones and low molecular weight hydrocarbons. Tasty! Maybe.

The wax cloth has to be washed by hand because the wax layer would melt away in the dishwasher. For a long-lasting reusable alternative, it's best to simply use a silicone lid and plastic container easy to clean and can last 30 years.

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