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PLASTIC FANTASTIC: James Bond a licence to green

007 has driven many different cars, the Lotus Esprit, a rather spectacular, self-driving BMW and even a Ford needless to say, none of these ever made it home in one piece. As it seems though, the world collectively clutched its pearls and demanded that the British secret agent with a license to kill drive a British car. Back to the drawing board, Q!

As a consequence, Daniel Craig will, in what is probably his last appearance as 007, drive a politically correct, electric Aston Martin the Rapide E. Any worries that the bad guys in their petrol-propelled cars will now outpace Mr. Bond, James Bond would be premature. The Rapide E has two engines with a combined 610 brake horsepower, rendering the four-second sprint from 0 to 100 an exciting endeavor. Lets hope that he also finds enough superchargers to refill it after his next high-speed chase. It's a bit too bad Bond didn't receive Aston Martin's next concept the "Volante" flying car but then there wouldn't be the excitement of hearing squealing tyres.

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