New masterbatch significantly boosts service life of greenhouse films


Tosaf (Kfar Yona, Israel), a leading manufacturer of additives, compounds and masterbatches, has announced the development of a new UV4120PE masterbatch that can considerably extend the service life of UV-absorbing greenhouse films, even in tiny amounts.

In comprehensive accelerated weathering tests, the UV-filtering efficiency of conventional films stabilized with an organic UV absorber and nickel quencher (Ni-Q) was shown to have decreased to a mere 30% after a period of 9000 h, caused by extensive dissociation and decomposition of organic molecules. Adding just 0.7% of Tosaf's UV4120PE boosted this to about 80%, while 2% masterbatch upped the residual UV-barrier to an outstanding 90% at the end of the test period.

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