New extruder options from American Kuhne cut changeover time


American Kuhne has applied Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) concepts to key tasks involved in extrusion job changeovers. The resulting three options are designed to substantially reduce downtime in tubing, profile, wire and cable, and other small-die production lines.

Available separately or as a package, SMED Quick-Change options cut changeover time by nearly half-an-hour when used in combination, according to the company. The options are available with the company's new extruders or can be retrofitted onto equipment from American Kuhne or other suppliers.

Three new features are incorporated in these options:

Quick Collet Screw Pusher. This device reduces setup time for screw pulling from five minutes to less than one minute by use of a spring-mounted locking nut and a sliding collet to fasten the nut onto the threaded screw-pushing rod at the rear of the drive shaft. Conventionally, the rod is affixed by spinning a nut into position and installing and tightening six screws. Time saved: 4 minutes.

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