New designer water filter produced from PLA-based bioplastic -- K Trade Fair

New designer water filter produced from PLA-based bioplastic


Sustainability was a top priority for Soma founder Mike Del Ponte, in the development of the Soma water filter system. His Soma filter, which comes with its own shatter-resistant glass carafe, features an ergonomic and esthetic design boasting a bioplastic housing and using catalytic activated coconut shell carbon as a filtration medium. Its designers say it's the "first 100 percent compostable" filtration system on the market.

The San Francisco-based designers of Soma spent a long time searching for a suitable material for the filter unit. This material needed to be functional, but also made from renewable resources and biodegradable when disposed of. As it turned out, a Bio-Flex product from bioplastics specialist FKuR proved to be able to meet these requirements to the designers' satisfaction. The Bio-Flex S 9533 used in the manufacture of the water filter was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer UMSICHT and FKuR and is based on the bioplastic PLA (polylactic acid).

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