New copolymer for hot-melt adhesives features higher than 80% renewable content


Swedish specialty chemical company Perstorp and Corbion, a Dutch producer of, among other things, lactic acid and lactides, have announced that the partnership entered into by the two companies in March of 2013, targeted at the development of caprolactone lactide copolymers for the plastic, coatings and adhesive market, has now resulted in a breakthrough innovation for adhesives. A new lactide caprolactone copolymer has been developed that delivers major benefits in hot-melt adhesive applications. The new material is expected to be the first in a series of innovations for the adhesive industry.

As Corbion’s Senior Vice President Biochemicals, Marco Bootz, expressed it: “This new material represents the culmination of two years’ joint development work with Perstorp. It will create a strong technology platform for the development of polymers that provide a genuine alternative to traditional materials like EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and mPE (metallocene-catalyzed polyethylene) for the adhesive industry.”

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