New cooling masterbatch for greenhouse films introduced -- K Trade Fair

New cooling masterbatch for greenhouse films introduced


n field tests in South Israel, greenhouse films produced with Tosaf's new cooling masterbatch IR8783PE reduced the peak temperature inside a greenhouse tunnel by up to 5°C in comparison with a conventional film containing a light diffuser, the company stated.

Designed to support optimal plant growth in hot climate zones, films produced with IR8783PE block a significant amount of the near infrared radiation (NIR), which would otherwise strongly heat up the greenhouse interior. Most of the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), which is required for a healthy plant growth, can pass through the films unhindered. Field trials in South Israel reportedly revealed a 4 to 5°C lower peak temperature in comparison with conventional light diffusing film with no undesired overnight temperature drop. With a recommended rate of addition of about 5% for a 200 micron film, the new masterbatch is suitable for single, three and five layer films.

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