New PTFE-modified compounds feature improved wear resistance -- K Trade Fair

New PTFE-modified compounds feature improved wear resistance


A new generation of polymers lubricated with a proprietary PTFE formulation exhibit improved wear resistance, especially at high loads, compared with conventional materials. The high-performance Luvocom XTF compounds have been introduced by Lehvoss North America (Pawcatuck, CT), a subsidiary of global chemicals company Lehmann & Voss, to meet increased requirements for high pressure, increased load and elevated temperatures.

"By substituting standard PTFE additives with our proprietary lubricant and optimizing our processing technology, we have been able to substantially elevate wear resistance performance with these new compounds," explained Robert Healy, Market Development Manager, Lehvoss North America, in a news release. "This new material technology is opening up opportunities in automotive, industrial, and oil and gas market applications as well as precision-machined components via stock shapes."

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