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New Microsoft SQL server helps Conair gather material-use data


The Microsoft SQL Server is a database management and analysis system that is oftentimes used in general business applications such as e-commerce and line-of-business. It can also be used to help plastics processors track how much resin, regrind, color and additives they are using.

Auxiliary equipment producer Conair says that its gravimetric blender products - including TrueBlend batch blenders, TrueWeigh continuous blenders and TrueWeigh extrusion controls - have always had extensive data-gathering capabilities. The company is now using the Microsoft SQL Server to collect and store material-usage information from Conair gravimetric blenders.

"Material-use reporting software has been available with Conair blenders for years," said Alan Landers, blending product manager, "but it has been limited to generating reports on what a given blender is doing over a specific period of time. In the new SQL-Server-based system, however, all data generated by all blenders goes into the same database. A well-written query can mine that data for information that help you run your plant more efficiently and more profitably."

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