New EPS recycling facility opens in Indianapolis -- K Trade Fair

New EPS recycling facility opens in Indianapolis


Plastic Recycling Inc. (PRI) has opened a new recycling facility in Indianapolis, IN dedicated to the recycling of post-consumer foam cups, foam take-out containers and other used polystyrene materials collected through curbside pick-up programs across the country.

This new facility, slated to be fully operational by the end of the first quarter in 2015, is designed to enhance the ability for local governments to launch recycling efforts to remove rigid polystyrene as well as expanded polystyrene from the waste stream and generate revenue. Currently, there are a number of cities in California that are aggressively recycling polystyrene, while other communities are actively investigating expanding recycling efforts to include foam. In addition, NYC is expected to test foam recycling methods this year, as required by local law.

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